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Tour of Ireland



Map of Ireland

Kiss the Blarney Stone


Accessible Travel Ireland

On our wheelchair accessible Ireland group tour you are never more than 80 miles from the sea and a spectacular coastline of dramatic cliffs, hidden harbors, quaint Irish towns and the hospitality of the friendliest people you can find.

accessible travel Ireland
barrier free
We travel through and visit the Ireland that is a colorboard of hues; from the intense purple of heather, to the emerald green of pastures, to the deep black of turf bogs.

The vistas range from the gentle slopes of the Slieve Bloom mountains to the steep, wooded valleys of Wicklow and the awe inspiring Cliffs of Moher.

Our accessible Ireland group tour was designed with the Irish culture in mind while providing the highest standards for access, peace of mind and comfort.

handicapped friendly

Enjoy the hospitality of the friendliest people you can find anywhere.


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